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Commercial Sustainable Landscape, Design and Instalation

Professional Commercial Landscape

As professional commercial landscape designers, the team at FS Commercial Landscape Inc prides itself on being planners and problem-solvers for all commercial landscape design. The professionals at F.S. Commercial landscape will design your project, keeping in mind you suggestions and budget.

FS Commercial Landscape Inc

Fulfilling Your Landscape Design Needs

The entry area to a commercial business property should be a welcoming, beautiful and clean environment for employees, visitors, and customers. this look says a lot about your company and many times it is their first impression. 

Commercial Landscapes

Commercial landscapes can include any area surrounding a commercial or public space, where flowers, plants, trees, fences, turf, decks, walks, or other structures are used to create an outdoor living area that is visually appealing or functional. Commercial venues that FS Commercial Landscape Inc has designed for previously include commercial buildings, master-planned communities, distribution centers, corporate offices, parks, and more.

Flower Beds

Whether you're looking to enhance an existing commercial environment, or you need to design a landscaping plan for a new construction project, the professional landscape designers at FS Commercial Landscape Inc will work with your budget to provide you with the landscaping that best fits your need. 


Our expert landscape designers will develop a site map, survey and analyze the areas to be landscaped, and meet with you and your staff as needed. We also consider the rainfall in your particular area, size and height of plants, sun and shade exposure, the temperature of the environment, types of soil, drainage, and color options of plants and disease resistance of all plants available for the area. We specialize in providing water-efficient sprinklers, like drip irrigation.

Commercial Landscape Design Options

Planting Beds

Flower planting beds can give your building a bold first impression.

A closeup of a watering system dripper (emitter) with drops of water suspended in the air. Very shallow focus on emitter.

Water Conservation

Water is a precious resource, especially in the California drought. FS Commercial Landscape Inc works to develop systems for our customers that will use water efficiently, economically, and prudently. Our water conservation systems ensure that water resources are used to maximum effect. Water conservation systems have many benefits.

Whether in Northern California or Southern California, get in touch with FS Commercial Landscape today to arrange for a free quote for your commercial landscape projects. With an office in Fremont, serving the Bay area, and another office in Riverside serving Riverside County, Orange County, and the Inland Empire, we are conveniently located, and we can come to your property to discuss how we can address your commercial landscape needs.

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