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F.S. Commercial landscape Inc.

Providing 1st Class Commercial Landscaping Services For Over 35 Years!

"Our mission is to make the world more beautiful one landscape project at a time. Through environmentally friendly processes, our goal is to bring exceptional value by exceeding client expectations for their landscaping needs."

High Quality Installation

With over 35 years of experience in the landscaping  business, FS Commercial Landscape is your source for the highest quality landscaping services.

Daily, weekly or monthly commercial maintenance and irrigation services available. 

Commercial Landscape Maintenance Contractor

FS Commercial Landscape Inc is a leading commercial landscape contractor and maintenance provider servicing both Northern and Southern California.

We specialize in providing first-class excellence in  maintaining landscapes surrounding commercial buildings, masters planned communities, distribution centers, corporate offices, parks and more.

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High Quality Installation

With over 35 years of experience in the landscaping  business, FS Commercial Landscape is your source for the highest quality landscaping services.

Daily, weekly or monthly commercial maintenance and irrigation services available. 

Commercial Sustainable Landscape

Maintaining a beautiful, healthy commercial landscape with lush, dense, green grass, and flourishing vegetation require professional irrigation management, especially in the California drought conditions. Irrigation planning and maintenance are performed by our experienced technicians who are trained to plan and install modern irrigation technology that allows for maximum water conservation, low maintenance and saves your business money. Investing in the proper irrigation equipment will drastically lower a business’s water consumption.

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Morden office with garden space.

Commercial Landscape Design and Installation

Whether new construction, a complete site redesign, or enhancing a problem outdoor area, FS Commercial Landscape can provide the commercial landscaping services your business needs. We consider key factors including north side plant exposure, the amount of rainfall in the area, heights and size of plant materials, shade, soil type, drainage, disease resistance, and flower and leaf color and appearance.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance and

Monthly Services

FS Commercial Landscape Inc provides landscape maintenance and service performed by supervised employees. This includes trimming of plants, lawns and trees, sprinkler system maintenance and repair, pest control, and annual flower planting. At FS Commercial Landscape Inc, we understand that property managers are required to monitor a variety of different responsibilities.

When you hire FS Commercial Landscape Inc to maintain and service the landscape surrounding your business or venue, you will have peace of mind that the area surrounding your business, including the plants, trees, and foliage will be well taken care of. We will monitor the health of your landscape as well as make suggestions to maintain your overall landscape over time. We provide daily, weekly, or monthly landscape maintenance and service for parks, corporate campuses, retail spaces, industrial parks, office parks, and homeowner associations.

Daily, weekly or monthly commercial maintenance and irrigation services available


Water Conservation Analysis

A closeup of a watering system dripper (emitter) with drops of water suspended in the air. Very shallow focus on emitter.

Tree Services


FS Commercial Landscape Inc provides tree care services, planning, and installation for commercial properties in Riverside County, Orange County, and the Inland Empire. We work to maintain your tree’s health and appearance as well as assess them for safety risks. In addition to tree planting, our tree maintenance service includes tree removal and pruning. Our professionally trained arborists are familiar with a variety of different tree species, their sun/shade tolerance, growth speed and density, and moisture requirements.


FS Commercial Landscape Inc


This is my one and only go to vendor for all my landscaping needs. Prompt, professional and always great customer service.

Jesse M.

FS has been working at our property for many years. Josh and his team are very professional and friendly. Great company for all your landscape needs.

Erik C.

Thank you so much for helping us out! Our yard looks a million percent better! Mateo and the rest of the crew are amazing! Always helpful and communicative... And i don't have to tell you how phenomenal Greg is! I so appreciate all of you and the superior service FS provides.

Ami Barrett

FS landscape has been my go to landscaping company for both regular maintenance and major landscaping overhauls. FS has exceeded my expectations in both areas and are always quick to address any issues.

Josh, their Account Manager, provides amazing customer service and is easy to work with, providing detailed information regarding type of plant material, the ideal plant life for the area, and even provides landscaping renovation layouts.

Not only are they professional, but as a Property Manager, they also provide a detailed annual budget so that i can better prepare for the coming year, as well as detailed maps for work that will be conducted. They are easy to work with regarding scheduling in order to accommodate our tenants. There's not a better landscaping company to do it.
Their team of experts should be anyone's first choice for landscaping needs.

Tiffany C.

FS reworked or old irrigation systems here at Transition Habitat Conservancy and installed new lines for us in two locations. They were responsive when we had questions about the timers and were willing to go the extra mile. The native plant and habitat gardens are now 1-2 years old and looking great.

Wendy W.

Marten Transport has been using this company non stop for over 5 years and i would never consider using anyone else.

They are on time every week, never miss a week and do many other one time projects for us.

In addition, their irrigation department is second to none. Paul and his crew do a great job for us. We have a huge property and they keep everything up and running at all times.

Please give this company a try, you will not be sorry.

Steve H.

I have had FS Landscape provide both emergency service ans scheduled work for me and were both accomplished with precision and a high level of professionalism. I highly recommend them for your landscape needs.

Randy S.

I have been pleased with their service for many years now both in Southern California and now the bay area for landscaping of commercial and industrial areas. They are simply wonderful and I highly Recommend them.

Christopher M.

Bridgestone Americas uses FS Commercial Landscape and are very happy with Greg and his team and the FS Commercial Landscape Crew. We had a smaller business doing the landscaping, but had to sub out several of the landscaping needs.

I have managed other Distribution Centers in the area and when it came time to put the landscaping contracts out to bid, I invited Greg with FS Commercial Landscape to present his business and what they could do with the facility then and in the future. I was very impressed that FS could do it all.

Greg and his team have become family to the facility over the past 4-years. FS Commercial Landscape has brought their professionalism and amazing skill-set to every project that is thrown at them. It's always done on time and on-budget.

Going over and beyond: Greg was instrumental in getting this location Certified as a Wildlife Habitat Council Site. I provided a vision and left it up to Greg and his creativeness to come up with the blueprint, i was impressed! From conception to completion and sustaining, FS created a 3-acre park like setting on a location. Employees use this new area daily. The site also serves as a butterfly Monarch Way-station. FS has also provided educational speakers for Family Fun Days, Employee Lunch and Learn Programs. At one event employees also were able to see a Monarch Butterfly that started off as a caterpillar onsite fly off as a butterfly. Employees also were apart of a Monarch tagging program in efforts to monitor migration.

Safety: I also looked for vendor-partnerships that share in the same Safety-first vision i have. FS Commercial Landscape lives as safety-fist.

I couldn't say enough about SF and Greg. I can trust Greg with any project large and small. If you have a need for a Commercial Landscaping Company, put FS on the top of your list. Great Landscaping makes the property look amazing, but also has a major contribution to Employee Morale and Engagement.

Looking Forward to many years with FS!

Christopher S.

Dear FS Landscape friends! I love our working relationship and all that you do for us! As Mark said, we are only as good as our vendors and we rely on you so very much! Wishing you and your families a joyous Christmas and Happy New Year! Cheers!


Hi Greg, I was passed along some information on the down tree branches at the Lowell facility; I just wanted to write you to thank you for the great service we receive from your company. A team is here now and nearly complete with all the landscaping. Have a good day Greg thanks again.

Frank Landeros

Dear John, The property looked fantastic!!! Thanks for a tremendous effort. The brokers and owners were happy and I was very proud! Thanks so much. I really like the plant palette, especially the bright green shrub. Thanks again!


Dear Greg, I just have to say that I get a smile on my face every time that I get a message from Paul. Typically they are just “FYI’s.” I know that we are all busy but he takes out the 30 seconds to update me on what is going on at the property and I truly appreciate it. Thank you


John, Thank you FS for a great year. We cherish our relationship and appreciate your hard work. Looking forward to a new year!

Mike T.

One of the strengths of FS Commercial is that you are not “stretched too thin” to deliver a quality product. Taking on more than you can handle is a recipe for disaster that I have seen firsthand. I fully appreciate the fine job that FS has delivered to JCSD year in and year out. Rest assured that when any of our landscape needs come up for consideration, FS will be invited to bid. Cordially,

Ross Johnson, Park Supervisor

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