Conservation Analysis in California


Sod Removal Rebates
You Can Apply For

This program serves both commercial and residential customers. The
website will give you step-by-step instructions on how to proceed with the
removal of your grass or sod and replace it with drought-tolerant plants.
Further down you will read about the specific steps you must take to get a
big fat rebate check or even a small skinny rebate check.

On the website, you can fill out an application to see if you qualify for a SOD
rebate check. Depending on your eligibility, you could receive anywhere from
$1.00 to $4.00 per sq. ft. of sod to be removed. I also just heard today that
the minimum rebate check will be raised to $3 per sq ft minimum starting next
week. It's an opportunity not to be missed!

Things you will need for the Commercial Turf Replacement Project

  1. Remove your existing organic turf and replace it with drought-tolerant plants.
  2. Every turf replacement project you will put in 3 plants per 100 sq. ft. to put back.
  3. You will need a storm water retention feature.
  4. You will need to replace or modify overheard spray sprinklers.
  5. Install a rainwater capture or filtration system.
  6. Apply to reserve your funds.
  7. You will have 180 days to complete your project.
  8. Attach a copy of your water bill MUST BE IN YOUR NAME for you to receive the check

Will This Work For Me?

Let’s say you have a project that is about the size of a football field. An average football field is (360 x 160 sq ft) which equals 1.32 acres, including the end zones = 57,600 sq ft x $8.00 per sq ft, bringing the total cost to $460,800.

This would include large boulders, large truckloads of rock, dry stream beds, and up to 5,000 plants and the conversion of irrigation from overhead sprinkler to drip irrigation. A premium job with expert design fine quality plants etc. will take 30-60 days to finish for a total cost of $460,800.


What Would We Do?

We would charge approximately $8.00 per sq ft to

  1. Spray and remove existing SOD
  2. Design the landscape to include approximately 5,000 plants.
  3. Install about 1000 ft of dry stream bed with river rock 3"-8" in size.
  4. Place approximately 75-100 boulders throughout the project.
  5. Make creative mounds and swales with excess dirt and cover with
    colorful rock, rip rap, and gravel.
  6.  Cover other areas in mulch 2"-4" deep.
  7. Install an automatic irrigation system by modifying your existing system,
    reducing water consumption by 75%.
  8. Produce a rebate check made out to you for $172,800
  9. Total cost of the job $460,800 - rebate check ($172,800) = $288,000
  10. Savings in water can be $750 per month which can be $9,000 per year
    ($750 x 1 year ( 12 months)).